Klein College New Student Meeting

On Friday, August 21, Klein’s new students networked live with department and student success offices including: academic advising, career services and global opportunities.

Students were encouraged to bounce around to the different Zoom rooms to introduce themselves, ask questions and get acquainted with their fellow Owls!

Academic Programs

Meet faculty and students from Klein’s academic programs.


Department chair: Joseph Glennon

The advertising major prepares students for every aspect of a future career in the dynamic, far-reaching ad industry. As preparation for a growing field that pervades through most aspects of life, students will master the fundamentals of advertising during their time at Klein, as well as the emerging digital media used by successful brands worldwide.

Advertising students can pursue coursework in one of five concentrations: 

  • Account Management 
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy and Research 
  • Copywriting
  • Media Planning

Communication and Social Influence

Department chair: Heather LaMarre

Klein’s Department of Communication for Social Influence is a dynamic space where education consists of both engaging with theory and taking direct action, whether that means resolving conflict in Philadelphia or performing thoughtful research abroad. As communicators for justice and change, our students and faculty rise to challenges of bringing together divided communities and developing communication strategies to advocate for social justice every day.

Students can choose to focus on:

  • Civic Engagement, 
  • Conflict Communication or 
  • Risk Communication.

Communication Studies

Program director: Scott Gratson

Klein’s Communication Studies Program is unlike any of Klein’s other academic programs. Holistically drawing on the ever-expanding base of communication and media scholarship as well as the larger worlds of rhetoric, culture and social science, the Communication Studies Program is a space to layer these ideas together for our brilliant and diverse students to run with them. 

Comm Studies students select one of four concentrations: 

  • Communication and Entrepreneurship 
  • Contemporary Media Environments
  • Global Civil Society
  • Policy, Regulation and Advocacy


Department chair: David Mindich

Klein’s Department of Journalism goes against everything your parents taught you — we make it a habit to talk with strangers!

Students majoring in journalism study in the nation’s fourth-largest media market and build a multimedia foundation in reporting and writing, video production and web design at Klein’s nationally accredited program. They add understanding of the world by taking a variety of liberal arts classes covering topics like history, economics and political science, and learn from some of the top practitioners and scholars in the country. Upon graduation, our students are not only savvy news gatherers and reporters, but smarter news consumers as well.

Media Studies and Production

Department co-chairs: Jan Fernback and Matthew Lombard

Media Studies and Production (MSP) is the intersection of media studies and media production. MSP students not only learn about the creative aspects of media creation, they also analyze media as an object of study itself. With this interdisciplinary approach that combines practice with theory, students learn how to produce, evaluate and manage media content for traditional and emerging media in a variety of genres.

Students can pick from three core areas of study:

  • Media Analysis 
  • Media Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Media Production

Public Relations

Department chair: Joseph Glennon
Department assistant chair:
Gregg Feistman

Klein’s public relations major allows students to plug into some of the largest and most well-respected public relations firms, corporations and nonprofit organizations in the country, as well as a vast network of experienced faculty and active alumni. Students majoring in PR learn to master communication theory and manage internal and external relationships for a variety of settings, as well as how to advise organizations in matters of social responsibility, crisis, diversity, ethics and public opinion.

The major is one of just 36 in the country, and the only one in Pennsylvania, to be certified by the Public Relations Society of America.

Student Success Offices

Meet staff and students from Klein’s student success offices.

Academic Advising

Assistant Director of Academic Advising: Mary Beth Flynn

Klein’s Office of Academic Advising is a resource available to all undergraduate students in the college. Our academic advisors—  Alex Kuzio, Cat Averill, Dorothy Kuykendal, Lisa Parladé, Steve Scaduto and Nina Latassa —keep students on track and in the appropriate courses for their majors.

Career Services

Director: Lu Ann Cahn

Klein’s Office of Career Services offers specialized, career-related services and programming exclusively to Klein students. Klein students have access to a host of resources for planning, preparing for and launching their career. The office is overseen by eight-time Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, speaker and author Lu Ann Cahn.

Global Opportunities

Director: Allie K. Miller

Klein’s Office of Global Opportunities (GO) provides opportunities in the U.S. and internationally for all students to obtain academic and practical experience. GO programs are designed to not only enhance a student’s marketability in the workplace, but to also cultivate their global perspective in urban and multicultural environments.