Klein’s Minors and Certificate Fair

Are you thinking about declaring a minor to learn a specialized skill and enhance your résumé? Or maybe you’re looking for a specialized certificate program to explore an interest in communication?

Starting at 7 p.m., enjoy a brief video premiere where you will hear from faculty and students followed by an opportunity for you to get your questions answered in a live, open Zoom room.

Hear from Faculty and Students

Tune in to hear more about Klein’s minors and certificate. 

*Please note, you may need to hit play depending on the device and browser you are using.

Make the Most of your Degree.

Explore minors and certificate in media and communication

Declaring a minor can be a useful way to focus your course of study and acquire specialized skills to achieve your future goals. Did you know that Klein has 9 minor options and is also launching a new Sports Media certificate program? Adding a minor or even a certificate to your transcript and résumé is the perfect opportunity to enrich yourself as a scholar and versatile media and communication professional. Minors and certificates can be completed with only an additional 18 – 21 credits (between 6 – 7 courses).